Tutorial for new clients

1. Your first pass

You can buy a pass without leaving home. Simply use the on-line panel on our website. Of course, if you want to buy a pass in multimedia terminal (kiosk) in any of our clubs.

Simply approach the reception desk and say that this is your first time at Fitness Platinum.
Check our website regularly to keep up-to-date with the news, special offers, and competitions!

2. First visit

If it’s the first time you visit our club, you should keep a few things in mind. You need to bring a padlock with you to secure your locker.

Podejdź do recepcji i poinformuj nas, że jesteś w Fitness Platinium po raz pierwszy.

Remember to take

Sports footwear
We try to keep our clubs clean and comfortable for the clients. You can help us by changing your shoes before each workout.
Our equipment is used by many people on a daily basis. Using a tower during exercise helps keep the equipment clean for the next person.

3. Registering for activities

Each of our clubs employs qualified coaches who will give you advice anytime you want. If you need help, it’s always worth asking! The pass gives you access to all classes in our clubs. Remember to sing up for each class beforehand. Signing up is extremely easy, fast, and convenient.

4. What next?

Already a member of Fitness Platinum? Great! But keep in mind a few important things that will let you discover your SUPERPOWERS.

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