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About the club Zamość Lubelska 40

ul. Lubelska 40
(Galeria Revia Park)
22-400 Zamość

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Strength machines zone
It is a place to train with professional machines, thanks to which you can control the movement path and maintain correct body posture. In this zone you will find a wide selection of machines for training each muscle party.
Functional and ABS zone
It's the perfect place to perform a comprehensive whole-body workout. You will also find equipment and accessories necessary to sculpt and strengthen abdominal muscles.
Here you'll find necessary equipment to carve and strengthen the abdominal muscles. In this space you can also stretch and relax after workout.
Personal Training Zone
It's the perfect space where you can practice with your instructor without any obstacles. You will find a wide selection of equipment and you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills under the supervision of a personal trainer.
ABS Zone
You will find the equipment and accessories necessary to strengthen the abdominal muscles.
The club has dry, wet, and infrared saunas at your disposal. A session in a sauna is the best way to regenerate after workout.
The club has dry sauna at your disposal. A session in a sauna is the best way to regenerate after workout.
Cross Fitness Zone
A place for those who love extreme workouts. The equipment in this zone lets you combine a variety of exercises, such as squats, pull-ups, jumps, weightlifting, and running.
Functional Zone
A zone dedicated to comprehensive, full-body workout. It offers such equipment as TRX, bosu balls, dumb-bells, gymnastic balls, and mats, and, most importantly, comfortable conditions and space for exercising.
Free Weights Zone
An ideal place for strength training, equipped with benches and a broad selection of dumb-bells and barbells for pressing. Here, you can build your muscle mass and shape your body.
Plate-loaded Machine Zone
This zone offers a full set of professional equipment for strength training, which allows you to control the motion path and maintain the correct posture. Additional weights make it easy to adjust the level of difficulty and empower your workout.
Isotonic Machine Zone
A place where you can train on professional devices that will allow you to control motion path and maintain the correct posture. The zone has a broad selection of equipment designed for every muscle group.
Women’s Zone
A place for women only, which gives you complete freedom to engage in functional and strength training. The zone has all the necessary equipment, such as dumb-bells, kettlebells, and barbells, or rollers for body massage. Here, you’ll achieve the body shape of your dreams in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.
Fitness Room
In this room, we hold 55-minute group classes, which will allow you to strengthen your muscles, burn excessive fat, or relax during mental health classes under careful guidance of an instructor. Grab your towel and water, and feel the power of group motivation!
Cardio Zone
An ideal place for all those who love cardio workout! Here, you’ll find treadmills, bikes, crosstrainers, and other equipment for endurance training.

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